The First Question To Ask Yourself Before Making New Year’s Resolutions Or Other Goals

Alex James Wellness dot com New Years Resolutions

[Note: This post has nothing to do with food or nutrition specifically. Rather, it’s some thoughts of mine as the year comes to a close. Consider this my loving invitation to you, to get up close and personal with your feelings as you set about creating goals and intentions for the coming year. Enjoy.]

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept throughout the whole year? Many of us make grand statements and plans with the best of intentions, but by mid-February we feel so far from our goals that we barely remember what they were in the first place. Have you been there? I know I have. Continue reading

My Review of “Grain-Free Simple Sweets”

Grain-Free Simple Sweets E-Book

It’s no secret that I love sweets, dark chocolate in particular, so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review Grain-Free Simple Sweets! For the past couple weeks, I’ve been baking my way through this new Paleo dessert cookbook by Ashley Thomas and Vivien Cheng. All of the recipes are free of gluten, grains, dairy, and refined sugar, and they’re all made with – wait for it – 5 ingredients or less. Really. If you’re looking for healthy dessert recipes that aren’t difficult or time consuming, this book is a must-have. Continue reading

Nourishing Chicken Soup (aka Alex’s Awesome Chicken Soup)

Nourishing Chicken Soup

It’s that time of year: there’s a chill in the air, crunchy orange leaves underfoot, and a general desire to eat and drink warm things.

To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of soup in general. I’ve never disliked it; it’s just never been something I would choose to order off a menu, nor have I ever been drawn to cooking it at home…up until the last year or so, that is. Continue reading

There’s Sugar In Your Salt

Sugar in your Salt

Yup, it’s true: your table salt has sugar added to it. Say WHAT?!

A while back, I was perusing the middle aisles of the grocery store, looking for table salt (not for my own use, but for a homemade cat food recipe). My eyes nearly bulged out of my head when I saw the “ingredient list” on the side of the box. Shouldn’t salt just contain salt?

Turns out it’s not that simple. Continue reading