Making Delicious Ferments At Home: You Can Do It

Fearless Fermentation

I’m so excited right now! -squeal of delight- Soon I will be making my own delicious ferments at home!

What the H do I mean by ‘ferments’, you ask? I mean fermented foods. Foods that contain loads of probiotics – the beneficial bacteria or “good guys” in our body that are essential for our survival.  (Yes, that’s right – good bacteria are essential for our survival; without them we would die.)

In recent years we’ve been hit with a lot of information and news articles about the dangers of chronic antibiotic usage as well as the importance of probiotics for everything from digestive health to skin health to mental health. It’s all true – having a good balance of bacteria in the body is crucial for vibrant health in all areas. I couldn’t agree more and I’m happy to see this information become more mainstream. Many people are now considering the benefits of probiotic supplements, and while I think this trend is a good thing, it can also cost a pretty penny.

Probiotic supplements are expensive.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is: You can make great-tasting probiotic-rich foods right in your own home, and the process is quick, cheap, and easy. No, this is not too good to be true – all you have to do is learn how!

Friends, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Fearless Fermentation, a series of video-based fermentation courses designed by Sarah Ramsden, fellow nutritionist. Known in many circles as the Queen of Fermentation, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge in this area. She’s now sharing everything you need to know about how to make your own fermented foods! Currently on offer is a Kombucha course and a Sauerkraut course, and there are more in development.

Each course contains 3 high quality videos with transcripts, a recipe book, troubleshooting guide, resource lists for your supplies, and personal journal/log to keep track of your fermenting experiences. You also get access to the exclusive Fearless Fermentation community on Facebook, where you can share photos, ask questions, and get all the support you need from Sarah herself and all the other folks out there who are just like you, fearlessly fermenting in their own home.

You may be thinking…“Oh Alex, all this sounds nice, but really, fermenting? I don’t think I can do it.”

If you’re brand spankin’ new to fermentation and are skeptical about your abilities, don’t worry – Sarah’s got you covered. This is absolutely beginner-friendly and you will be surprised at how simple it is. The videos are very easy-to-follow with each step clearly laid out…although there’s really not too many steps involved in fermenting, actually. The process requires very little of you. All of the magic happens when your ferment is just sitting on the counter by itself for days, while you’re off gallivanting and living life.

Fearless Sauerkraut

I’ve really enjoyed watching these videos. (Truth is, I was so excited I watched them all in one night.) While I’ve successfully made sauerkraut in the past, I definitely had a few things to learn from Sarah – plus, I’m a little tired of my plain sauerkraut and can’t wait to shake things up with one of her delicious recipes. Apple Raisin Sauerkraut, anyone? Cumin Spice Sauerkraut?! It never occurred to me that I could flavour my fermented cabbage to make it more palatable. Awesomesauce.

As far as kombucha goes…many months ago I had one failed attempt (which I thought wouldn’t become public knowledge, but anyway here we are). I now have Sarah’s videos to guide me, so I’m feeling very confident – not only that, I am so.friggin.excited. Delicious fizzy kombucha bevvie, you will be mine!

Fearless Kombucha

Seriously now…

Having an abundance of good bacteria in your body is absolutely critical if you want to experience good health. When your gut flora is in balance: your skin clears up, your mental fog dissipates, your pain and inflammation go away, your bloated belly disappears, your bowel movements become a normal, happy experience again…there are too many potential benefits to list here. I always say: when you heal your gut, you heal your whole body.

Making fermented foods at home, and eating/drinking them daily, is one of the best things you can do for your health. I consider fermented foods an important part of a Real Food diet, and recommend them to every single one of my clients. So go check out Fearless Fermentation. Soon you’ll be wowing your friends with your sparkling kombucha brews or your pretty jars of ‘kraut – all the while smiling, knowing how easy it is.

You can do it!

All images in this post are courtesy of Sarah Ramsden, Nutritionist.

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