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I was recently given some flax products from a Nova Scotia-based company called Omega Crunch. I’m excited to tell you all about it today!

First, if you haven’t read my handy dandy FAQ on flax, check it out here.

Flax seeds have a seriously tough and indigestible outer shell. This is the reason why we have to grind our whole flax seeds – so we can actually break down and absorb them, and get all the juicy benefits (omega 3 and fibre). If you eat ’em whole, they’ll come out in your poop whole. True story.

Omega Crunch is shelled, or de-hulled, flax. The outer shell has been removed from the inner kernel, and bam, there you have it – accessible omega 3 without having to spend the extra time using a grinder. Shelled flax is very similar to hemp hearts, which have also been de-hulled. Prior to trying this product, I didn’t know this process was possible with flax seeds. Very cool.

Omega Crunch is sold in shakers as a food topping. You can keep them right on your kitchen counter or table, and it’s ready to sprinkle on your foods.

The Sweet Cinnamon variety is freaking delicious – it has a really gentle sweetness and is perfect for breakfast foods, or whenever you want a little maple cinnamon boost. I’m thinking of sprinkling it on top of apple slices and almond butter.

Although I haven’t tried it, there is also a Roasted Garlic variety that would go well on any savoury food. Yum.

Oh, and the crunch…the crunchy texture is so very wonderful.

Finally, this is Canadian, non-GMO flax. I like supporting companies that make the effort to promote local and non-GMO crops.

Where to buy it: Online. (For my peeps in Nova Scotia, you may be able to find it at the Halifax Farmers’ Market.)

Cost: $9.95 per 175g shaker. I was pleasantly surprised – the shakers were much larger than I’d imagined they’d be. There are also refill bags, bulk options, and 3-packs of different flavours.

Thanks Omega Crunch for sharing your innovative and delicious product with me!

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