How To Make Cauli-Rice

How To Make Cauli Rice

I had a few people ask me about cauliflower rice after posting this photo on Instagram and Facebook the other day. People are intrigued by the idea, so today I’ll share the (really easy!) method of “ricing” cauliflower.

Here’s What You Need:
1 head of cauliflower
2+ tablespoons coconut oil, butter/ghee, pastured lard, etc
Seasonings of choice (butter, salt and pepper, herbs, spices, garlic, etc)

Here’s What You Do:
Wash and chop cauliflower roughly. Discard leaves.
-Place in your food processor and chop/blend it up! I find it doesn’t take long at all until my cauli looks like rice. Decide how fine you want it to be. If you have a fancy contraption, play with different settings. The other option is to grate your cauli by hand, although I found when I did this it didn’t quite resemble rice grains as much as when I used the food processor.
-In a pan, heat your cooking fat of choice and gently saute the cauli-rice (easier to do in batches if you have a lot!) The other option is to lightly steam it in a pot with a very small amount of water.
-Season to taste. Enjoy!

You could eat the rice raw if you like, but I personally prefer to cook it. Raw foods are more difficult to digest, and at this time of year (winter in Canada) warmer, cooked foods are what I recommend. If you have a thyroid condition, I would be cautious about consuming raw cauli.

That’s it! Enjoy this as a base for a stir fry or curry dish. Or spice it up however you like, use it in a favourite rice recipe, and have it as a side dish. I’ve used it to make cauliflower tortillas and also this Indian style recipe. I’ve also seen cauli-rice used in homemade sushi rolls. Have fun!

Have you ever tried cauli-rice, or are you going to now? It’s not quite the same as regular ol’ rice, so I’m interested to hear your experiences.

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