How To Spice Up Your Morning Shower

Time to spice up your morning shower! Wait, that sounds kinda kinky. What about this: how to detox your body as you shower. There, that’s more accurate. Today I’m going to share two things you can do during your morning shower to help your body eliminate toxins. These two simple procedures will also boost your […]

Bone Broth Is Where It’s At.

I’ve been drinking broth a lot these days. We think of broth as simply a base for soups, don’t we? As something to build upon, a base from which to create something more interesting and flavourful. But homemade stock/broth on its own is incredibly nourishing and healing, especially one that includes the bones and marrow […]

How To Make Sauerkraut, The Cheapest Probiotic Ever.

Growing up, I was disgusted by sauerkraut: the look and smell of it made me want to gag. Sauerkraut was a (gross) topping that my father put on his hot dogs, and that was it. I never ever would have guessed that I’d eventually have an enormous jar of it fermenting on my kitchen counter, […]