This Is What “Real Food” Means To Me

Real Food. If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you’ll see that I frequently use this term. I talk about Real Food all the time. What do I mean by this, though? Does the term Real Food imply that some foods are…not real, but fake? What? Let’s clear up any confusion […]

Why I Don’t Eat Peanuts (& Almond Sauce Recipe)

Peanuts, peanut oil, peanut butter…we love our peanuts, don’t we? I’m risking some serious backlash here when I say that peanuts simply aren’t the most nutritious choice as far as nuts go (they’re not actually nuts, anyway). But give me a moment and I’ll explain the reasons why I mostly avoid peanuts, and then I’ll […]

Do Chick Peas Make You Fart? (Plus, Zucchini Hummus)

Do chick peas make you fart? They certainly have that effect on me! Stay with me here, ’cause I’m going to give you a non-chick pea hummus recipe that’s simply Awesomesauce. I made it for a potluck this week and it was a hit. Disclosure: Some of the links throughout are affiliate links. If […]