Seasonal Allergies Got You Down?

  Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? It’s time to suffer no more. Disclosure: Some of the links throughout are affiliate links. If you make a purchase via one of these affiliate links, I receive a small commission. Please note I only ever recommend products and services that I personally love, and the price […]

Creamy Coconut Banana Dessert

Short post for today – a quickie dessert recipe. I like this one because it’s free of all the nasties that are typically found in sweet treats: gluten, dairy, and sugar. Plus, it’s so simple to whip together and you can customize it to your liking! Disclosure: Some of the links throughout are affiliate […]

How To Make Your Own Deodorant, For Pennies.

-Cue scary rant- Deodorants and antiperspirants are full of toxic chemicals. No doubt you’ve heard this before. The ingredients in pit sticks are linked to different types of cancers, Alzheimer’s, hormonal and reproductive dysfunction, birth defects, liver damage, neurotoxicity…the list goes on and on. Applying these chemicals to the axillary/armpit area, which contains so many […]